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Tree Removal

Rico's Tree Service

Having state of the art equipment and personnel to help every individual with their tree removal. We have experience and in-house tree engineers that are professional in cutting down your trees to not damage nor your property in general. Tree removals in Arlington, Texas need to be treated with caution and be taken care of with professionalism. Doing the correct tree removal is extremely important so hiring an experienced professional is the right choice to go with. You want the best service in the metroplex for your trees today.

Tree Trimming

Rico's Tree Service Arlington Texas

Maintain the health and appeal of your trees with our precision tree trimming services. From removing dead wood and elevating canopies to shaping, we do whatever it takes to ensure your trees’ health and longevity. We can also shape trees so that they’re not overhanging your roof, driveway, or neighbor’s building. Make your property safer and more appealing with professional tree removal, trimming, and other services from our experienced arborists in Arlington, Texas.

-Pruning and shape

Pruning an apple tree with pruning saws

If any branches are growing towards the ground, it is a sure sign your tree needs a trim. Most trees have times when they should and shouldn’t be trimmed due to the likelihood of disease infection and insect infestation.

Our tree experts can advise you on the best plan for regular tree trimming and tree pruning.  We take pride in our attention-to-detail, and will clean up your landscaping after any tree service to leave the site as clean (or cleaner) than when we arrived

-Stump Grinding

Rico's Tree Service Arlington Texas

When removing a tree stump from your property, stump grinding is the most effective and efficient way to ensure a stump and root system are completely removed.  By grinding the stump, we are able to prevent new growth attempts in the area serviced.

Our technicians have the knowledge and equipment to efficiently and safely grind stumps at your home or business.  The leftover mulched wood can be used for landscaping, and we can also provide additional service to soil and seed in the area

Storm Restoration

Rico's Tree Service Arlington Texas

Storms in the Metroplex can leave downed trees in their wake. As part of our community, we pay attention to storm fronts that could affect us in North Texas so that our crew is available to help when a storm hits.

Our team has the experience and equipment to remove fallen trees and tree-related debris after storms.

You can call us 24/7 to request emergency tree service, and our tree experts will address your issue safely and efficiently.

Don’t wait for the storm season to catch you off guard, keep your trees well maintained to avoid any damages to your properties.

Tree Services serving these areas… Arlington,Mansfield, GP,North Richland Hills, Euless,West Ft Worth and neighbors cities
Residential home struck by severe storms.

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